Trouble In Paradise


Freitag, 10.11.2017 – 23.00 🎧

new fusion of club music – girl squad action
contemporary and experimental club music


Eintritt: Zahl was du kannst zwischen 6 und 8 Euro

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đŸ”„Trouble in Paradise – girl squad actionđŸ”„

We are happy to announce one more edition of Trouble in Paradise. Where we will explore the fusion of different genres of music, performance, dance and visuals.

This time we invited our friend from Vienna: Antonia (Ashida Park,In Dada Social, Canyoudigit/ VIE).
Our beloved DOUBLE U CC will play a 7th version mysto set and reflects in her music feminity, witchcraft and the power of sound. MIFTI HARAM explores in her set dystopian futurism and dark but danceable rhythms. ALIEN TEARZ, is on it again, she will comfort your ears with the finest trap, cloudrap and techno.

đŸ„€And remember: you don’t come to Trouble in Paradise only to underline what you know, but also to discover.đŸ„€

Antonia (Ashida Park,In Dada Social, Canyoudigit/ VIE)
double u cc (TROUBLE IN PARADISE):
mifti haram (TROUBLE IN PARADISE):

Prizesin Haralt:

Trouble in Paradise ist ein all-female DJ, VJ und artist Kollektiv, das sich 2014 um DJ double u cc gegrĂŒndet hat. Dem Motto „we put it all in the music – cause‘ music is our weapon“ bleiben die Girlz von Anfang an treu. Trouble in Paradise will feiern und kĂ€mpfen zugleich. Denn Passion bedingt den Mut etwas zu Ă€ndern und ein Zeichen zu setzen.
All girls to the front! Musikalisch bewegen sich die DJs zwischen Bass, Trap, Grime, Dance und Bass Musik, experimentieren aber gerne mit dĂŒsterem Drone und Ambient oder werden technoid.
Visuell verzaubern TIP durch schillernde BĂŒhnengestaltung und geballerter VJ-Power von Prizesin Haralt. Abseits von ClubnĂ€chten arbeitet das Kollektiv ebenso politisch wie kĂŒnstlerisch und bringt ein eigenes „Girl Gang Riot Magazin“ raus.


Born and based in Vienna, Antonia developed an interest in club culture at anearly age. In 2015 after being a resident DJ at the well known Canyoudigit parties for two years, she cofounded her own collective called „In Dada Social“ focusing on contemporary and experimental club music. She threw parties with some of this scene’s global favourites including Murlo, Mobilegirl, Uniiqu3 and Florentino and played gigs at Elevate Festival in Graz, Razmatazz in Barcelona and Club Drugstore in Belgrade-to name a few. Her interest in music developed even further in 2016 and together with Amblio she launched the label Ashida Park. Its focus lies heavily on deconstructing current club & pop music, facilitating cooperations between open minded musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and DJs across the world and has already found recognition in Fact Magazine and on Resident Advisor. Antonia’s DJ-sets thoroughly represent a blend of ideas stemming from this heterogeneous hive.


SYA durchbricht die ĂŒblichen Clubkonventionen mit einer Performance, die klassischen indischen Bauchtanz mit Elementen aus HipHop und modernen Tanz kombiniert. Trouble in Paradise versucht mit den unterschiedlichsten Ausdrucksformen den Clubbesucherinnen unsere gemeine Idee wahrnehmen zu lassen. Sya und die TIP-resident DJs sprechen mit euch durch Bewegung und Musik. Sya kommt aus NĂŒrnberg und macht eine Ausbildung zur klassichen indischen DiplomtĂ€nzerin. Sie tanzt seit 17 Jahren. (Foto by Elmas Bagci)

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